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huanggugu It's been maybe two or three years since I first discovered the song ''dove''(which has been my favorite always) and I can't describe how excited I am to see Antihoney return……
Thank you so much.
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catmachinefan Nothing can describe what its like to be hearing this album. I first discovered Antihoney in late 2017 and had basically given up hope they'd ever release new content by the time the new year rolled around, so to be here, to be able to hear this, its beyond special to me.
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Dendrite 04:41
Those windows, those skies And those birds, those clouds Fly so low Forgive me, forgive me When I only ask for the truth How can I be so blind? I want a light (dead light) I want a little light for this place There's something cries in me I only want to be true So true (Some reflections) Those mountains all cloudy And those rivers all misty Those scarlet autumn leaves Can you see them going down Go down How bright a night can be When you hold a light You hold a light up in me For this place There’s something burns in me A storming life To be true So true (All reflections) Those windows, those skies And all those starless nights
I've broken down all the fence which is useless now Ending is coming through easily in every dream What I've seen is that the risks are in me Stop By the way Taste iron's jealousy My finger that's pointing at the sign burning on the wall "All you've ever thought pure is dirty” “You need to learn the despair for nothing but to be...” Like human being? I am a daughter of mother who's missing And I've got a sin for being this lonely 'Cause every time I'm off to seek the world I know what's killing me I hate you all And the human nature Sensual reality Night and day lights I know that hurts if you feel it in love I've climbed the mountains to know what is looking down Why feel so hungry? What do I hunger for? I won't ask for you to believe me I'm free to fall Outside the window Soon I will be wakening I feel so beautiful Violently beautiful
All Stars 07:28
Do not speak ‘Cause words fool everything, anything I'm going to explode everything, anything I found (So I can go) What's this place? I don't know Every way, any way we go, we go What's this for? Don't doubt Everyday, any day it shines on you
And if I close my eyes Will you see? (the stars) When I'll be so quiet Will you hear? (stop them) There's something I can't hold Will you catch it? I hope you'll be here, here with me (sometime) Then I close my eyes You will see (many lights) I'm stuck in hate and sorrow (such rages) I hope I could let it go and be gone (I hate them all) So I close my eyes Then you'll see (the stars) (When the winter is gone, my lips are cold) It's so quiet (so cold and so quiet alone) (meaningless lights) (I hate them) I was born to see these stars
Morning after rain Vines against the sky Bright summer clouds melting into gold Buds in the shade awaiting the turn Birds on the rise The loneliness of light ‘Cause it's beautiful I give it all to you We're finally fair All I see is what you see Can you see me now When I reach for you Forever we’ll hold the ash and the flames And it’s beautiful Orion above the trees blazed across the night Sparks of the snow land back on my hands Ash holds a flame The platform left to blink This danger I take A world beyond idea ‘Cause it's beautiful I give it all to you It’s finally there at the end of the road in a tiny world Can you hear me now When I call for you I’m finally here at the one last call to give it all to you It’s so beautiful All stars are gone We'll never re-mend this mortal May An eternal day
Dove 05:36
Sleep on, sweet little child Day is young Water is freezing (Don’t wake) Night is so deep and slow Close your eyes Dream on, dear little child In the sky, stars are still fading away Down here, a dying dove crawls When you’ll wake You will see The morning burns Creep on, my little dove When you rise, snow will be melting away Dawn is the darkest tonight So I dream on My little dove flies the sky high over the the clouds and the flames I’m here with my eyes closed, my doves Dream on, dear little doves Dawn will come
Lemon 04:49
Adagio 02:58
Siren 06:50
From my mouth there falls the seed Trough my blood here spread the branches Twisted and turned there grows the tree Soon be torn The ocean glows Where are you now? Where are you now? Where are you now? Where are you now? Off my eyes There took the flies Soon be found The dry ground By my side You lie to sleep Without fear Without a doubt Like a dream Just like a dream Like a dream Just like a dream I have no white for myself We are all torn The ocean glows
I can't see the stars from this window I don't see the light of dawn I can't hear the birds sing in the springtime I only hear the wind blow It's all in me It's all left in me But it's all in me All is left in me I recall the snow on the mountain And the nameless sky of blue I recall till the end of my breath I recall till the end At the end, all the flowers burnt out And all the light has gone And the endless night has come to my eyes And the music has died All left me It's all left in me But it's all in me All is left in me All left me They all left me But it's all in me All is left in me There's no stars on my window There's no stars on my window
Please forgive me , please forgive me for the things I've done I won't ask, won't ask But I am praying Listening as you whisper “there's no future in the past” We will live but not for tomorrow's scar I hope I never make you cry though I know your tears are pure Could I let you know how much I love you, baby? Dreaming of a little more freedom, there's nothing we can do So you and me, we'll live another day Do you still remember how we cried and got dry? Do you still remember how we cried and got lost? Can you forgive me, can you forget the things we've left undone ? Smiling like a fool, I'll keep on lying Maybe nothing will be left to do and tomorrow we will die Somehow we will shine another day I hope I do the things much better but days are going on All I need to know, a reason to be maybe Knowing there’s no simpler way than running to the edge Somehow I will find a way one day Do you still remember how we tried to let go? Do you still remember what we got, what we lost? Can you still paint and color your mind with thing we called a shade? Did I let you know how much I love you baby? Rushing like we’re dying tomorrow, we know it’s in our hands Somehow we will live and shine this day


The album "Dendrite" is a collection of sceneries from my mind,
a long journey of my emotional and creative time as an artist.

All songs were re-produced based on "Demo Compilation" in "Hiro's Music Production".
Many thanks to all people who have supported creating this album!

CD is available at Amazon:


released October 30, 2019

Produced by Hiro Furuya


all rights reserved



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